Fallbrook Pest Control

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    Do you feel like your home is under attack by rodents, roaches, termites, or other pests? Fight back with help from the Fallbrook pest control specialists at Payne Pest Management. For over 35 years, we’ve provided reliable extermination and prevention services in Fallbrook, Bonsall, Pala, and throughout northern San Diego County.

    Small bugs can cause big problems, including health issues and structural damage. At the first sign of pests on your property, call us for a free quote and on-site inspection. We’ll determine the extent of any infestation and then develop a custom treatment plan based on your specific situation.

    We provide complete removal and prevention services for all dwellings and structures, including single-family houses, apartments, commercial buildings, and more. All products are used in an environmentally responsible way to avoid exposure to people, pets, and plants.

    As proud community members for several decades, we’re the Fallbrook pest control specialists you can count on!

    Fallbrook Rodent Control

    Mice and rats are always searching for safe, dry nests with easy access to food – which is why they love most homes and offices. Unfortunately, mice are shy and sneaky, so it’s not always easy to notice if they’ve moved in. By the time you actually see a mouse, many more are likely living in the walls, nooks, and crannies of your property.

    Watch for telltale signs of a mouse or rat problem, including:

    • Feces – They’re typically dark brown and rice-shaped with either pointed or rounded ends.
    • Chew Marks – They’ll appear on walls, baseboards, cords, and more.
    • Scratching – You might hear noise in walls, attics, and elsewhere, typically at night.

    Mice breed quickly, reaching sexual maturity at six weeks and producing up to 40 offspring a year. Once they’ve found somewhere they like to live, they tend to stick around. In only a month or two, a significant infestation can form.

    Removing rodents on your own is often difficult. Bait and traps might kill a few, but they’re unlikely to remove the problem completely. Plus, unless you know what you’re doing, setting out poison could harm children and pets.

    Fallbrook Rat Control Solutions

    Our technicians will perform an on-site inspection to identify where the rodents are nesting and how they’re entering the premises. Then, we’ll eradicate the ones inside and fortify the building to prevent new rodents from entering.

    Several treatment options are available. Traps are the most common, but poisoned bait and dust are also effective in many situations. We’ll work with you to implement the safest and most appropriate option.

    Plus, we’ll add screens around potential entryways, such as drains and pipes. We’ll also remove debris and other potential nesting spots from around the exterior.

    Fallbrook Termite Control

    Termites are a major problem throughout San Diego County due to a combination of the temperate climate and the popularity of wood as a building material.

    They have the potential to cause serious structural damage. Termites digest cellulose, a product found in wood. They can quickly chew through all types of framing, including studs, baseboards, doorways, and more.

    Fallbrook is home to three different types of termites:

    • Subterranean
    • Drywood
    • Dampwood

    Subterranean termites are the most common. The most obvious sign they’re nearby is the presence of dirt mounds or tubes near the location. Other indications include blistered paint or wood, droppings, and husks.

    Our Termite Treatment Methods

    After an on-site inspection to assess the extent of a termite problem, we’ll develop a targeted plan of attack. Many infestations are effectively eradicated with full-house fumigation. Don’t worry – it’s safe and requires minimal effort on your part. We use Vikane, a fumigant that leaves behind no detectable film.

    Often, the source of termites is found outside the premises. We’ll locate the mound or nest and then attack the termites directly. A crucial part of termite extermination is destroying the queen, so the colony can’t bounce back.

    After removing the termites, we’ll help develop prevention strategies, which often include periodic spraying and inspections. Simple, routine check-ups can help stop extensive property damage from occurring.

    Experience the Payne Pest Difference

    As locals ourselves, we’re proud to serve the people of Fallbrook and the surrounding areas. You’re not just our customer, but also our neighbor, and we promise to always give you fair prices and friendly service.

    We offer a complete line of services, including Fallbrook yellow jacket control, rodent management, bed bug removal, termite eradication, and much more.

    If you’d like to learn more about how we can help, or schedule a free consultation, Contact Us today. A pest invasion is no fun, but our expert Fallbrook pest control strategies can help you and your family return to normal life!

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