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Payne Pest Management Customized Services for Your Facility

Payne Pest Management is a company driven by innovations, constantly finding new and better ways to control pests and serve the needs of your business. Your facility requires a custom-designed program of pest management, rather than a one-size-fits-all, cookie cutter approach.

At Payne Pest Management, we understand your needs, and we have deep expertise and experience in all manner of facilities.

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Our highly trained inspectors and technicians are ready to tailor the perfect pest management regimen for your facility’s specific requirements, using the practices of integrated pest management (IPM), where we’ll work in partnership with you to achieve the desired results.

Integrated Pest Management

Integrated Pest Management is a pest management strategy that focuses on long-term prevention or suppression of pest problems through a combination of techniques such as monitoring for pest presence and establishing treatment threshold levels, using non-chemical practices to make the habitat less conducive to pest development, improving sanitation, and employing mechanical and physical controls. Pesticides that pose the least possible hazard and are effective in a manner that minimizes risks to people, property, and the environment, are used only after careful monitoring indicates they are needed according to pre-established guidelines and treatment thresholds.

Effective pest management is a process, not a one-time event. Payne Pest Management’s Integrated Pest Management (IPM)approach is a collaborative and ongoing cycle of critical activities that help keep pests away from your place of business.

First we inspect, identify, and evaluate all the underlying reasons pests infest your facility.

  • Comprehensive inspections – We detect any sanitation issues or structural conditions conducive to pests.
  • Identification of pest activity – We examine and report any evidence of pest infestation.
  • Risk evaluation – We consider your facility type, geography and any conditions conducive to pest activity.

Next, Payne Pest Management, will offer a customized solution to suit your specific needs. Cookie-cutter pest management solutions are ineffective.

  • Focus on prevention – When we can, we start with exclusion, sanitation and other non-chemical options.
  • Environmentally responsible – If a product is needed, your Payne Pest Management Pest Specialist selects the most effective treatment with the least impact on the environment.
  • Sanitation consultation – Your Payne Pest Management Pest Specialist will consult with you to make sure your cleaning efforts make a real impact on potential pest “hot spots.”

Finally, your Payne Pest Management Pest Control Specialist will continually monitor the business.
Monitoring – During regular service inspections, your Payne Pest Management Pest Specialist monitors for signs of pest activity, looks for pest-friendly conditions and helps make sure your program is working.

Documentation and Communication – After each service, your Payne Pest Management Pest Specialist documents all services performed, pest activity and any recommendations.

What it means for your business is that our Integrated Pest Management program ensures maximum effectiveness with minimal treatments and can help prevent future infestation. We’ll even work with you to help maintain compliance with your industry’s local and federal guidelines. All of which means you’ll have a more sanitary and healthy workplace for your employees and customers.

We are a Certified WBE (Women Business Enterprise), Certified SBE (Small Business Enterprise), DBE (Disadvantaged Business Enterprise), and we are also a Veteran Founded Company.