Indian Wells Pest Control

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    Indian Wells, California, offers relaxed living in a beautiful desert environment – but that environment also contains unwanted pests! Fortunately, if rodents, termites, ants, or other invaders are causing a problem where you live or work, Payne Pest Management is ready with fast, affordable, and effective solutions.

    At Payne, we provide complete pest control services for all types of residential and commercial structures in Indian Wells and throughout the entire Riverside area. We know how to completely remove rats, mice, ants, termites, bed bugs, roaches, birds, and more. No infestation is too big, and no pest is too small, for our proven removal and prevention processes.

    Call 858-294-0038 to schedule a free on-site consultation. Our experienced team will arrive at your location to thoroughly inspect your property. We’ll identify the pest, the extent of the damage, and all other issues. After explaining our findings, our experienced team members will work with you to develop a pest control plan that’s not only effective but also fits your schedule and budget.

    For over 35 years, Payne Pest Management has provided pest solutions for residents of Indian Wells, Palm Desert, and throughout Riverside County. A family-owned and operated business, we have three offices in California, with over 50 employees including our team of licensed and bonded technicians.

    Contact us online or call us at 858-294-0038 to learn more about how our Indian Wells pest control services can help you reclaim your home or office by removing pests and preventing their return.

    Indian Wells Rodent Control

    Unfortunately, by the time you spot one mouse or rat inside, many more have likely taken up residence in and around your property. In Indian Wells and throughout Riverside, three types of rodents typically cause the most problems:

    • House Mice – A small, sleek mouse that has no problem squeezing through tight spaces in search of food and nesting opportunities.
    • Norway Rats – Also called Sewer Rats, they’re large rats with strong jaws and a bold nature.
    • Roof Rats – As their name implies, these rats prefer high spaces and will often enter structures through roofs and vents.

    Regardless of the type, all rats and mice should be dealt with right away by Indian Wells pest control services, as they can spread dangerous diseases and cause expensive structural damage. In Riverside County, some rodents have even been found with the deadly Hantavirus.

    Attempting to eliminate pests yourself is often incredibly difficult. Store-bought traps typically aren’t effective and can even end up attracting more rodents or spreading toxins throughout your home. Additionally, unless you have the expertise to identify and close rodent entry points, any attempts to kill them will only be temporary.

    If house mice, roof rats, or any other rodents are causing you grief, contact our expert team at Payne Pest Control today by calling :858-294-0038. We’re the Indian Wells rat control specialists you can count on.

    Indian Wells Termite Control

    Termites are extremely common throughout many parts of California, including Riverside County. These tiny terrors can quickly cause extensive and costly damage to all types of structures, including homes and offices.

    The warning signs are often subtle, as it’s unlikely you’ll see the termites directly. Look for blistered paint, damaged wood, and mud tubes, which are often thin, brown lines of dirt typically found in corners both inside and outside of buildings. Termites also leave behind dried wings, which look like thin, white slivers.

    At Payne Pest Management, we’ve been successfully eradicating termites from homes and commercial buildings since 2006. We’ll carefully assess the specific environment and nature of the infestation to develop a custom strategy. We stand out from the competition in several important ways:

    • Our professional termite removal specialists undergo extensive training to correctly identify the type of termite as well as the severity of their infestation and any damage they’ve done.
    • Aside from removing the termites and blocking additional infestations, we also offer wood damage repair services.
    • When pesticides are needed, we take special care to only use them in areas where children and pets can’t access them, such as inside cracks and behind appliances. To keep you and your family safe, we never do “baseboard spraying.”
    • We provide re-treatments at no cost as long as the recommended service schedule is followed. Plus, we offer fast and affordable preventative treatments for both the exterior and interior of your location.

    Don’t trust just any pest control company to keep you safe. At Payne Pest Management, we’re the number one choice for Indian Wells yellow jacket control, rodent removal, termite termination, and all other types of pest management.

    We combine technical expertise and the most advanced pest control methods with friendly, personalized care. Call 858-294-0038 or Contact Us online to schedule a free estimate or learn more about our Indian Wells pest control services.

    We are a Certified WBE (Women Business Enterprise), Certified SBE (Small Business Enterprise), DBE (Disadvantaged Business Enterprise), and we are also a Veteran Founded Company.