La Quinta Pest Control

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    If you need La Quinta pest control, choose a company you can trust. Here at Payne Pest Management, we’ve been in business since 2006 and have grown from a single office with three employees to over 50 employees with three offices in Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego.

    We’ve been one of the 100 largest pest control companies in the United States every year since Pest Control Technology first put us in that group in 2009. We’re a family-owned, minority-owned, and veteran-owned company, and from our family to yours, we offer only the best, safest pest control services.

    We provide everything from La Quinta rat control to yellow jacket hive clearing for residential and commercial properties. In La Quinta, we service single-family homes and military housing, and we work with homeowners’ associations to service entire blocks and residential groups as needed.

    Our experts can handle all of your La Quinta pest control needs. When most people think of pests, they think of rodents, cockroaches, and termites. Unfortunately, there’s a much longer list of pets that can cause damage to your home, spread diseases, and make being outdoors on your property unpleasant.

    Termites can ruin the wood in your home and cause expensive structural damage, but so can carpenter ants, powder post beetles, and carpenter bees. In La Quinta, we can find and eliminate those pests as well as repair the wood damage they’ve caused. We can also rid your home of common disease-carrying pests like rodents, cockroaches, ticks, and fleas.

    Flying insects can keep you from enjoying the outdoors, especially stinging insects that can cause allergic reactions like bees, yellow jackets, and wasps. At Payne Pest Management, we’re La Quinta yellow jacket control experts.

    Our La Quinta yellow jacket control measures can help keep you safe on your property without the worry of stings or swarms. Let us find the hive and eliminate the hazard for you.

    La Quinta Rodent Control

    Rodents can cause serious problems for homeowners. Mice and rats living inside your home leave urine and droppings behind and can carry dozens of diseases between the ones they spread directly and those they spread through parasites like the fleas and mites that live on them.

    Rodents will chew their way into food packaging, leaving nasty messes in your pantry and food storage areas. Sometimes, they also gnaw through plastic pipes or wood inside your home, causing expensive damage.

    You can help keep rats out of your home by following these La Quinta rodent control tips:

    • Don’t leave pet food down
    • Clean up any food spills immediately
    • Keep shrubs and woodpiles away from your home’s exterior
    • Seal any tiny holes and cracks, especially around pipes coming inside
    • Check your outside spigot for leaks and drips
    • Keep your yard as free of pet waste as possible

    You don’t have to live with these pests. Our La Quinta rat control measures include trapping unwanted rodents and removing them from your property. We also put exclusion measures into place, like sealing tiny openings rats and mice can squeeze through to keep them from getting back inside your home.

    La Quinta Termite Control

    Termites are a homeowner’s scourge, with property owners paying $2 billion each year in the United States to repair the damage they cause. Termites eat and digest wood, and as they munch their way through your home, they damage and destroy the wood flooring and framing.

    The earlier you catch a termite infestation, the less damage you’ll have to repair. We do routine inspections to find these pests before the signs show. We also eliminate established termite infestations and repair the damaged wood.

    You might think you don’t have termites because you don’t see any in or around your home and don’t see the telltale signs like swarms or mud tubes around a home’s foundation. While those signs can alert you to a problem, sometimes you won’t know you have termites until you feel weak spots in your flooring or you find damaged wood while renovating.

    Subterranean termites that live underground are the hardest to spot until you see the wood damage they’ve done. As a qualified and experienced La Quinta termite control company, we know how to find these pests and the best way to eliminate them.

    We can treat your home with a local treatment or complete tenting and fumigation. The treatment depends on the type of termites you have.

    If you need La Quinta pest control services for rats, fleas, termites, or any other pest, we can create a customized pest control plan for your property that includes ongoing external treatment to ensure pests don’t come back.

    Contact us today for a free inspection and customized treatment plan so we can make your property pest-free as soon as possible.

    We are a Certified WBE (Women Business Enterprise), Certified SBE (Small Business Enterprise), DBE (Disadvantaged Business Enterprise), and we are also a Veteran Founded Company.