Rancho Mirage Pest Control

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    Unwanted pests can crush your Rancho Mirage Dreams! Payne Pest Management is happy to inform all Rancho Mirage pest sufferers that we serve your area and surrounding counties.

    As a family-owned startup that has only competed for market share in Southern California for 15 years, we managed to crack into Pest Control Technology’s (PCT) top 100 list at number ninety-one. Now we are considered a real player in the pest control market in our area. We also enjoy a perfect 5 out of 5 Angi’s List rating.

    Regardless if you’re looking for Rancho Mirage yellow jacket control, termite control, or any other kind of pest control, call the Better Business Bureau’s highest A+ ranked company—Payne Pest Management.

    Whether you need service in a residential or commercial capacity, we offer the best protection for you. Don’t forget to check the coupons page on our website, updated monthly with different deals such as $100 off our full termite service.

    Call 877-202-0983, so we can send a highly trained pest technician right to your doorstep to provide a free in-home estimate.

    Fully licensed by the Structural Pest Control Board, we perform a home inspection, review our findings, and tailor a package to fit each situation.

    Starting in 2006, Payne Pest Management went from being a three-person operation in one office to having 50 employees spread out over 3 locations at present. We consistently enjoy rave reviews about our outstanding service.

    No job is too big, so let us come and take the pain out of pest control—Payne Pest Management—877-202-0983.

    Rancho Mirage Rodent Control

    What are several inches to over a foot long, make holes, gnaw walls, and overrun a home or garden? Rodents and, worst of all, rats can cause a lot of destruction and turn a residential or commercial space into a nightmare.

    The evidence is always clear, turn a corner, and you see droppings on the floor. Chewed wires pose an electrical hazard. The scratching and scuttling sounds of a rodent family may thump in the attic or drag through the walls.

    If any of these signs turn up around the home or commercial space, it’s time to get the professional help experts at Payne Pest Management provide. With a nearby office in Temecula, CA., we offer our second-to-none services for Rancho Mirage rodent control.

    Rodents are a common sight when dealing with Rancho Mirage rat control. Black Rats are excellent climbers and can access the roof from a low-hanging tree branch and enter a house. Here it will find shelter, bedding, and safety, and it can access the house for food.

    Regardless of the type of rat infesting the area, they can also attract additional unwanted pests, including snakes, carry diseases, and bring other pests such as ticks and fleas. These issues can add up to an extermination problem that stems from rodents and extends to other unwanted pests.

    Rats, mostly nocturnal pests, need to be professionally managed. It’s better left to professionals because introducing poisons to a rat population can cause more problems than it solves.

    Poison can cause a rodent population to wander off and die anywhere and make removing the carcass too challenging. Carcasses attract other pests, possibly more rats, introduce a non-natural toxin to the environment, and cause damage.

    Call Payne Pest Management to remove the pests safely. In addition, here are some steps you can take ward off uninvited guests:

    • Screen attics and clear your property of debris or trash that attracts rodents.
    • Be mindful of rodent hiding places and remove them.
    • Rake and remove leaves and seeds.
    • Bring pillows and cushions indoors.
    • Secure a grill with a tight lid.

    If you already have a rat infestation, eradicate the problem by calling Payne Pest Management. We respond within 24 hrs to perform Rancho Mirage rat control safely. Call 877-202-0983 today for a free estimate.

    Rancho Mirage Termite Control

    Termites are a common problem in Southern California, and Rancho Mirage is no exception. They silently destroy a home and leave little trace to indicate the damage. Many homeowners may not notice until it is too late.

    Here are some signs that you may have a termite problem: mud tubes, discarded wings, blistering wood or paint, or frass (droppings). If you see signs of termites and suspect you may need Rancho Mirage termite control, call Payne Pest Management today.

    We deliver a customized report that identifies the problem, the termite species, and the recommended treatment to eradicate the problem.

    With over 35 years of experience, our team knows how to get the job done right. Here is why Payne Pest Management is the best choice for Rancho Mirage termite control:

    • Fully certified, including ongoing training with the best termite control technology.
    • We use the most effective fumigant available, Vikane, which targets and eliminates a termite infestation.

    No job is too big, so let us come and take the pain out of termite control—Payne Pest Management—877-202-0983.

    We are a Certified WBE (Women Business Enterprise), Certified SBE (Small Business Enterprise), DBE (Disadvantaged Business Enterprise), and we are also a Veteran Founded Company.