Spiders are creepy eight-legged arachnids. Well, you know that. So, who needs them? Sure, spiders are beneficial as they reduce the population of other pests in your home, like flies and mosquitoes, but what is so mysterious about that?

If you think you know all about spiders. Well, be ready to get shocked. This blog explores some fascinating facts about spiders that we never knew.

So, without much ado, let’s dive in.

1. All Spider Webs Are Unique

Not all spider webs are the same. Every spider webs vary in texture, shape, and size. The conventional spider webs have a spiral design and wheel-like spokes. These webs are created by Orb-weaver spiders. The triangle spiders, on the other hand, weave flat, fuzzy webs. Funnel webs are created by other spiders’ species to trap prey and help spiders to hide.

The web these spiders create depends on their purpose of using these webs, nesting, or hunting. The webs designed for hunting further depend on the type of hunters the spiders are and their hunting method.

2. Spiders possess superpowers

Few spider species like the jumping spiders pose some impressive abilities. They have been named so for a reason. These tiny spiders can jump up to 50 times their body length. Shocked? But, they can do this easily by increasing the body fluid flow to their legs. Jumping spiders use this natural method to catch prey, which also ends up scaring us.

Moreover, jumping spiders are blessed with four sets of eyes, and therefore, they have the best vision of all spider species found across the globe. They can even see UVA and UVB rays and other things that humans can’t. Finally, Myrmarachne melanocephala, a jumping spider species, has the unique ability to disguise itself like an ant by waving its two long legs like antennae to fool both prey and predators.

3. Their Silk is Very Strong 

Spider silk is a synonym for strength and durability. This silk is a material made from proteins and is used to create webs and travel around. The spinning of the web is done through the special organs inside the spider’s body. While some spiders use the silk to float in the wind, others use it as an anchor for jumping. The silk is so strong that it can absorb three times more energy than Kevlar, a material used in making bulletproof vests. Moreover, some types of silk can also stretch up to five times their actual length.

Even scientists are impressed with such powerful properties and are finding new ways to use this incredible material for various purposes such as bandages, nerve regeneration, and bone tissue engineering.

4. They Are Milked

Did you know that spiders are milked? Yes, they are, but only by scientists for research purposes. This is done for two main reasons. The first reason is to collect their strong silk and test how it can be used innovatively. The second reason is to collect the venom to create anti-venom for treating spider bites.

5. Powerful Venom 

Of the 3000 spider species available, two species are infamous for sending people to the hospital with just one bite. Yes. We are talking about the tiny Brown Recluse and the Black Widow. It is also reported that the venom of a black widow is 15 times more deadly than the rattlesnake’s venom. Bite of any of the abovementioned species demands immediate medical treatment.

Final Words

So, spiders can be artists, spiderman with superpowers and venomous. The last reason is enough reason to panic, especially if we don’t know to identify venomous spiders. If you spot any spiders in your home, it is better to stay safe and contact pest control professionals to get rid of them at the earliest.


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