Yellow jackets are a flying pest species that is quite common during the summer and fall seasons in the US. In this article, we’re going to take a look at this species and its characteristics.


As the name suggests, these wasps have a lot of yellow on their body. The coloration is similar to that of bees, with the body being black, covered in yellow stripes. What sets them apart from bees however is the fact that their bodies are hairless, with a shiny sheen. They are also slimmer, with a very small waist. When it comes to differentiating yellow jackets from other wasps, things can get a little more difficult, but a pro will be able to identify the species by its nest.


Yellow jackets are found all over the world, with 16 yellow jacket species being found in the US alone. As social insects, they live in colonies for most of the year. However, once winter hits, the majority of the colony members will die, with only the queen surviving and entering hibernation. Yellow jacket nests are built either underground or in bushes, trees, wall voids, or the eaves of the home.


In terms of diet, adult yellow jackets are mainly drawn to sugary substances such as fruit, flower nectar and soda. However, in the larval stage, yellow jackets need to consume protein. To fulfill this demand, workers will go out hunting for insects and all types of meat to feed the larvae.

When wasps become aggressive

Like most wasps, yellow jackets are very defensive of their nests. If a person or an animal approaches the nest, the wasps will become aggressive and start swarming, with each member of the swarm being able to sting multiple times. If someone is allergic to their venom, that could trigger a severe reaction, so yellow jacket nests can be quite dangerous.


When it comes to control, the best method to remove an infestation is to destroy the nest. There are various ways and products that allow you to do this, but you do need protective equipment and a degree of skill to do it safely. This is where we come in. We provide yellow jacket removal services for homeowners and businesses. If you have a yellow jacket nest on your property, give us a call and we will set an appointment for an inspection as soon as possible


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