There are many options on the market that will help you deal with rats, and some are more effective than others. Some of these products are marketed as sonic or ultrasonic sound repellents, and at a first glance, they seem like they would be a great pick. No chemicals, no toxins, easy to set up – what’s not to like? However, are these products actually effective?

How sonic and ultrasonic repellents work

Sonic repellents are designed to emit high-frequency sounds that will frighten or drive away rats and other rodents. The theory is that these high-frequency sounds, which we cannot perceive, are so distressing to rodents that they will leave the area. The devices can work with batteries or by being plugged into a wall outlet.


Insecticides and other pest control measures are monitored and approved by the US Environmental Protection Agency, which ensures that consumers get products that are actually effective. However, pest control devices do not fall under the jurisdiction of the EPA, so the manufacturers of sonic devices do not have to provide any proof that their products do what they are advertised.


Rats and rodents in general are very sensitive to sound, since it’s one of their main tools for survival. Any new or unexpected noise will frighten them and send them scurrying. However, once rodents get used to a sound, they will no longer fear it. This means that ultrasonic repellents can be effective at first, but if an area has plenty of food and provides shelter, the rats will have a great incentive to return. On top of that, ultrasonic devices are not capable of emitting sound that penetrates walls, so they are likely to only be effective in a single room at best.

Methods that are actually effective

When it comes to rats, you cannot go wrong with traps and poisons. These two methods have proven themselves to be very effective, very cheap, and very easy to use. They are great when dealing with small to medium sized infestations, but when rat populations reach a certain size, you will need the help of more powerful tools and methods. This is where we can help you. As a pest control company, we have the training, products and equipment needed to deal with rat infestations of any size. Contact us today if you would like to know more or set up an appointment.

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