Carpenter ants are a serious issue in the US, causing widespread damage to the properties they infest. They will usually choose dead wood in order to create a colony and navigate through a structure. So what should you do if your home is infested? Call a professional. However, here is what you should definitely not do:

Misidentify the species

Certain species of termites and carpenter ants will infest similar types of wood, and they may exhibit the same signs that there is an infestation. This makes it easy to confuse the species that is in your home with something else. Without correctly identifying the species involved in the infestation, you will not be able to implement the proper control methods, since termites and ants require different treatments. Make sure that you correctly diagnose your pest problem before you start applying a treatment.

Ignore the damage signs

Carpenter ants are the most damaging ant species that you can have in your home. They are usually black in coloration, and larger than other ant species. Once they infest a building, they are relentless in the damage that they do, and as the colony grows, the speed at which the home is damaged increases as well. This is why it’s important to address the infestation as soon as the first signs start to show up.

Rely solely on DIY methods

Most homeowners will choose to go with a DIY option when first encountering a carpenter ant infestation. This usually entails using borax or a natural remedy such as cinnamon. However, these pest control methods are only effective at keeping the ants out of an area, not at destroying an existing colony. In order to get rid of the colony, you will either need to use baits effectively, or call a pest control specialist.

Not implementing preventative measures

Once the infestation is under control, or before it takes place for the first time, you want to implement preventative measures. These measures can include sealing entrance points such as cracks near the foundation, windows, doors and in the walls. You should also keep stored food sealed at all times, and remove any food or drink spills as soon as they happen. Proper ventilation can also help tremendously, since carpenter ants are prone to dehydration, and all the wood in the home should be in top condition.

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