An ant invading your home is annoying and getting rid of these uninvited guests are way too difficult. There are several ways to get rid of these pests, but it is a surprise knowing that a simple household ingredient can help remove ants.

Yes, you are correct.

We are talking about Vinegar.

How exactly does vinegar work to remove ants? Is it a safe method, or does it provide the best results?

Keep reading to find out the answers to your question.

Let’s begin.

Does Vinegar kill ants?

Most of the homeowners choose this solution to get rid of ants as Vinegar does not kill ants. You don’t have to feel guilty that you are hurting a living being. Moreover, it is safe to use with young children and pets around us.

Do Ants like Vinegar or repels them?

Ants hate Vinegar. The smell of Vinegar will cause them to stay away from it or permanently leave the house. Ants crawl in a straight line, marching towards the food sources. The Vinegar solution will interfere with these pheromones, and the ants will get lost. Of course, ants will try to leave the place rather than getting lost.

How long does Vinegar keep the ant away?

At first instance, the smell of Vinegar is unbearable for us as well. The good news is that ants can still smell Vinegar after it is dried. Always remember that Vinegar is not a permanent solution to remove an ant infestation. It is reasonable to spread the solution thrice a week over the affected areas to remove ants slowly.

Basic Vinegar treatment:

Now that you are sure that ants get rid of Vinegar, it is the best time to learn about different Vinegar solutions. There are varieties of options to mix and match for your ants. Let’s start with the basic ones.

Mix water and White Vinegar in a misting bottle in equal proportions. Spread the solution around the vulnerable areas to an ant infestation.

If you want to make the solution more concentrated, forgo the water and spread only the White Vinegar across the affected areas. It will result in generating more smell, and ants will get rid of quickly.

Responding to an infestation:

If you have a severe ant infestation, a simple White Vinegar solution is not enough. You may use Apple Cider Vinegar and mix it with water to spray around the affected areas.

Look for the possible entry and hiding places of ants. Spread the solution around these areas. For instance, you may spread the Vinegar solution near the window sills, kitchen cabinets, and drainage areas.

Wrapping up:

Vinegar is one of the natural ingredients to get rid of an ant infestation. Apart from it, there are several other natural and effective ways to remove ants from your house that will fit your pockets and bill. Also, if you have ant infestations in and around your home, try to consult professional pest control experts to recommend the best solution to remove ants.


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