Getting rid of wasps is dangerous as these wasps are solitary creatures. Some wasps don’t sting at all. However, wasps are dangerous if you likely ignore them.

Make sure to prevent these wasps from nesting in and around your home. Be sure to keep the drinks and food covered if you are grilling outside for barbecue parties in the summers.

Cover the garbage lid tightly, and don’t stack the garbage for too long. Pesticides used for removing wasps are harmful to the environment.

There are several non-toxic or natural methods to remove these pests from your house. Let’s explore in detail:

Prevention is better than cure:

Preventing these pests from coming back to your house is the first line of defense for wasp removal. Here is a list of natural prevention techniques:

Seal Entry points:

Having a daily sight of wasps in and around your house can be a sign of wasp infestation. One should look for all the entry and exit points of wasps. Observe the flight path in the morning and later evening to seal off the entry points.

Remove Food sources:

During summers, wasps like to have protein-based food. Throw away uncovered compost piles. Ensure all the drinks and open food containers are covered securely. Remove any fallen fruits.

Watch what you wear:

Avoid wearing floral patterns and bright colors as wasps are attracted to these colors.

Avoid Perfumes:

Wasps are attracted to sweet smells. So, avoid wearing sweet perfumes.

Natural Remedies for wasp removal:

Use herbs:

Wasps don’t like the smell of herbs such as spearmint, thyme, and eucalyptus. Plant or sprinkle some of these herbs in and around your home.

Make a simple homemade trap:

  • Cut the plastic bottle with a knife.
  • Fill the bottle with water halfway.
  • Use jam to coat the bottle and invert it.
  • The wasps will try to catch the fruit jam but will find it difficult to get out.
  • Add few drops of dish soap. It will be hard for the wasps to walk on water and will die-off.
  • The trap is the most effective if you set these four inches above the ground.
  • Make sure to empty the trap daily.
  • If the trap does not get emptied daily, the wasps will manage to make a raft and survive.

Homemade wasp control remedies:

Many natural remedies are homemade for wasp removal. However, wasps are aggressive when it comes to protecting their nests from predators. Thus, never spray anything on them directly.

Instead, consider these to spray on ground surfaces:

  • Peppermint oil:

Mix the peppermint oil with water and apply it to the hairs, arms, and socks. Or add a dish soap as a spray repellant.

  • Chilli Peppers:

Boil two spoons of chili peppers with water for two minutes. Allow the solution to cool down and spray it on the ground surfaces.

  • Essential oil blend:

Add a few drops of peppermint oil, clove oil, lemongrass oil with a few drops of dish soap. Spray on the ground surfaces.

Wrapping up:

Home and natural remedies are the best to use when it comes to the removal of wasps. Even they are living beings, and killing them won’t be the right option. You can call professional pest control experts to recommend some more natural DIY methods.

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