Wasps are aggressive, territorial, and social insects that are likely to be active as we enjoy the spring and summer seasons.

However, these pesky creatures will leave a painful reminder if you get too close with them. For some people, wasps are deadly when a swarm is involved. Wasps are likely to die during the winter season due to cold climatic conditions.

Have you noticed any wasps flying in and around your house? If yes, follow these steps to prevent wasps from returning:

Take preventive measures:

Never try to swat or squish the wasps unless it is necessary for protection. Wasps release a chemical pheromone and attract other wasps to defend the colony. By eliminating one problem, you can invite a handful of more.

Remove the things or elements that attract wasps, such as:

  • uncovered garbage bins
  • pet food
  • leftover food
  • strong perfume or any other flower fragrances
  • sweet food
  • Keep your house repaired.
  • Constantly check for any damages such as holes, cracks, or crevices.
  • Keep doors and windows closed.

Have a few tricks up your sleeve:

Wasps will not build their nests if they found that the other colony has established a nest. Hang the fake nests to prevent them from returning. Decoy nests are purchased or crafted. A small crafted nest can be:

  • crumble newspapers into balls
  • place them into bags
  • close them
  • put the bags in the large lunch-bags
  • Hang those bags around the areas where you think the wasps may nest.

While doing so, make sure to wear protective clothing to minimize the injury. Some things may include:

  • long- sleeves shirt
  • bee hat
  • gloves
  • eye-wear
  • coveralls

Keep oils ready to go:

Wasps hate the smell of a mint. Thus, it is best to use peppermint oil as a natural wasp repellant. Add few drops of peppermint oil to the cotton ball. Place a cotton ball around the areas of a wasp nest.

Apart from peppermint oil, you can also mix it with other essential oils. Essential oils may include:

Set up traps:

You may set up the wasp traps as follows:

  • Take a two-liter bottle
  • Cut the top-off
  • Invert the bottle
  • Add sugar water to entice the wasp

The traps keep them inside because they cannot figure out how to go out.

Use the power of plants:

Replace sweet fragrant flowers with the insect repellant plants around your house to decrease the chance of encountering the wasp. These plants include:

Attack at night:

Wasps are least active at night. Attack them with the spraying material or pesticide during the night when all wasps are resting inside the nests. Do not shine a bright light on the wasps’ nests. It will anger them.

Wrapping up:

No one enjoys the painful sting caused by wasps. Equally, it is so annoying to remove these pesky pests and get them back again. However, as mentioned above, there are multiple methods to prevent wasps from coming back. If the problem gets worse, do call the pest control professionals to remove the wasp infestation.







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