In most cases, if you have a Norway rat infestation, there will be more than one rat present. Rats are social animals, living in tribes composed of family members. Whenever a rat finds a nice shelter with food sources, it will bring its family. On top of that, rats are known to reproduce very fast, so a couple of rats can turn into a dozen in no time. Let’s take a look at how big a rat infestation can get.

By the numbers

The Norway rat is one of the most efficient rodents when it comes to breeding. A single female rat can give birth to five litters every year, with one litter consisting of as many as 14 pups. The young rats will then reach sexual maturity in five weeks. This is a recipe for exponential growth, and studies have shown that as many as 15,000 rats can belong to the same lineage in a single year. If the food resources in an area can sustain them and there are no predators present, rats will continue to reproduce until they overwhelm an environment.

Dealing with an infestation before it gets out of control

The longer the rats are present in the home, the larger the infestation will get. This is why you want to take action as soon as you notice the first signs of their presence. These signs usually include droppings, gnaw marks and strange sounds at night coming from the walls. Larger infestations are not only more dangerous and cause more damage to the home, they are also much harder to control. When dealing with a handful of rats, you can use traps to catch all of them, but when dealing with dozens of rats, you will need to use poisons, and when you use poisons, you are often left with dead rats all over the home, sometimes in hard to reach areas such as wall voids.

If you are currently dealing with a rat infestation, the best way to remove it quickly and completely is to hire a pest control pro. Rat infestations can be very stubborn and difficult to remove at all sizes, because rats tend to be very savvy and avoid any control measures that have been implemented. A pro has the experience and the tools needed to ensure that the control methods are as effective as possible. Contact us today if you have a Norway rat infestation, or if you have any questions about pest control.

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