We are all aware of the damage that termites can cause inside of a building, but what about outside it? Termites eat cellulose, and this substance is found in wood and plant roots, so the insects do not mind infesting cellulose-based materials that are in your garden. So how do you remove an outdoor termite infestation?

Reduce moisture and dead wood

Termites will mostly go for dead and damp wood, so you want to make sure that you either remove this wood from your property, or you keep it as far away from your home and other buildings as possible. You can also prevent an infestation from occuring in the first place by installing a liquid barrier around wood piles, tree stumps and wooden structures. A liquid barrier consists of termiticide injected into the ground, which will prevent termites travelling from their colony to the wood.

Use nematodes or boric acid

Nematodes are tiny, microscopic worms, which are a natural insecticide that can destroy termites. They are harmless to humans and pets, and they can be mixed with water and sprayed on wood. If you have any wood that is infested on your property, you can use this nematode solution to make quick work of the termites.

Boric acid is a similar control method to the nematodes. It is cheap, natural, and harmless to anything but the targeted insects. All you have to do is mix boric acid with sugar and water, and then spray the solution on the infested areas. Make sure that you wear goggles and a dust mask while preparing and using the solution.

Baiting systems

Baiting systems are installed in the ground, and they will attract termites which will carry the poisoned bait back to the colony, where it will eventually kill the queen. You can install these systems yourself, and you can see the results in a few weeks, when the colony will be eliminated completely.

Getting professional help

Sometimes, a termites infestation is so large that you will need the help of a pest control professional in order to deal with it. A pro will have the tools, products and expertise needed to eliminate any infestation and keep your property safe. Contact us today if you are having termite problems in your garden and DIY methods are not strong enough to take care of the infestation.

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