There are a variety of species of wasps in the world. One such species that is easily identifiable because of its nesting habits are mud dauber wasps’. These wasps are also known as dirt divers. These wasps live up to their names as they construct the tubes out of the mud.

Mud daubers have a slender waist with around 1 inch in length. Mud dauber wasps are solitary, which means they do not form social colonies and defend themselves aggressively.

Confused with the bees, these wasps have a black and blue metallic color and feed on nectars, insects, and spiders.

These wasps are visible in the United States.

Let’s understand various ways to get rid of mud dauber wasps, especially as pests. We will also have a look into how to use mud daubers as pest controllers.

Pest control and management of mud daubers:

Mud daubers help to control bugs and spiders. These wasp species act as a pest controller of the black widow spiders. Mud daubers sting the black widow spiders to feed their young ones.

People view mud daubers as a pest because it belongs to the wasp family which is a huge misconception. However, they act more as a pest control agent as they do not destroy things, using as stingers to the black widow spiders.

How to get rid of mud daubers?

Mud daubers are not dangerous as they will not sting you unless provoked.

However, their buzzing around your backyard will make you feel annoyed.

Here are some ways to remove mud daubers, which are as follows:

Get rid of their nests:

The most effective way to remove mud daubers is to get rid of their nests. You may find the nests near the porch, window sills, in the eaves, and places where you find enough mud supply.

You can spray the pesticides with wasp freeze. Break the nest, scrap the daubers, and clean the sight with water to remove any residues.

Limit their food sources:

Mud daubers get attracted to insects, sweet fruits, and spiders. Kill the spiders by spraying insect repellants to discourage the mud daubers from invading your space. Remove cobwebs and spray with pesticides to kill the spiders.

The best shot is to prevent and control them by sealing all the outdoor spaces.

Invite prey that feed on mud daubers:

You can invite the birds like Starlings, orioles, and other blackbirds that eat them. Use bird feeders to attract these birds and feed on mud daubers. Make sure to check that these birds do not destroy other plants and fruits.

Be season sensitive:

Mud daubers get attracted to colorful and sweet things. They are highly active during the summer season. Avoid decorating your house or putting bright yellow and orange color clothes as it may attract daubers.

Use fake nests:

Mud daubers are territorial insects and do not invade other dauber’s space. If you build the fake nests, the daubers will believe another wasp is living and will deter entering your house.

Wrapping up:

Mud daubers are pest controllers and keep a check on the insect population. These are highly active during the fall and summer seasons, giving you frequent sightings. However, if the infestation increases, call the pest control experts to deal with the mud daubers wasps infestation!

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