Having a mouse infestation is never fun. Not only can mice be unsettling, they are also capable of spreading diseases, and they reproduce very fat. In this article, we’re going to go over some of the commonly asked questions about mouse infestations.

Why did the mice enter my home?

Mice are quite common in home infestations. It is estimated that up to 21 million homes are infested by mice each year, so odds are that your home will be targeted at one point or another. Mice enter the home for a variety of reasons, but mainly they are looking for food and shelter. When the temperatures start to drop, and if they can smell food out in the open, they will try to gain entry, which they will do through tiny holes or cracks in the exterior wall.

Am I dealing with mice or rats?

It’s important to determine which species of rodents infested your home, because mice and rats are quite different in size, and mouse traps will not work on rats. To determine which species is responsible for the infestation, you can take a look at the droppings. Mouse droppings are tiny, while rat droppings are bigger and they resemble black rice. If the droppings are smaller than a grain of rice, then you are dealing with a mouse infestation.

We’ve never had an infestation before, why now?

Mice will enter a building mainly for the two reasons mentioned above, but they might enter it for no obvious reason as well. Sometimes, the surrounding area is filled with predators, and the home will be much safer. In other situations, new cracks may have developed in the exterior of the home, and this allowed the mice to gain entry. You can talk to a pest control pro who will advise you how to keep your home mouse-free in the future.

How are mouse infestations controlled?

Mouse infestations are controlled using traps or poisons. Small infestations of one or two mice can be controlled by the homeowner, but you have to be careful if you choose to use poisons, because you will have to recover the body of the mouse, and the mouse may die inside the wall or in other hard to reach areas. Larger infestations are best left to the professionals. Contact us today if you have a mouse infestation and you want it removed.

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