Termites are among the most destructive termites that can invade your home. If they are not treated early, termite can cause significant damage. Additionally, they can cause delays to the purchase or sale of a home. Ideally, termites are not only destructive but also costly to control. However, learning how to prevent and control termites can save you thousands of dollars in the future.

How do you know your home is infested?

Termites often stay in huge colonies underground or inside wooden structures. You will tell that your house is invaded if you see a termite crawling in your home. Given that they leave mostly underground, you won’t see them unless they have caused significant damage. Some of the significant signs of termites’ infestation include long tubes of mud that they termites used when moving within your house, discarded wings, and piles of excretion left around wooden strictures, and they feed on your furniture.

How to Treat Termites

Nobody wishes to have thee menace in the house. However, if you discover termites in your home, it is advisable to prevent them from spreading and causing more damage immediately. Treatment of termites is the most significant way to control termites.

Here are simple termites control methods:

1. Use non-repellant termiticide

The use of pesticides is the typical method of pest control. In the case of termites’ infestation, non-repellent termiticide can be used to exterminate them. Like a form of ant poison, this pesticide doesn’t kill the termites immediately but pushes them back to their colonies. Once inside the territories, they spread the poison along the colony members leading to a mass death after a few days.

2. Use of termite baits

Termite baits uses edible termiticide. Ensure that you place the baits in areas where the termites are likely to crawl. Once they collect it, they take it back to the colonies to share with the other termites. This method is useful because it can kill numerous termites. After all, termites like to share food.

How to Prevent Termites from Entering Your Home

Termite prevention is the best way to keep termites away from your home.

The following are the most appropriate termites’ preventative methods:

1.      Seal off potential entry points

Keep termites away from your home by sealing off any entry points into your house. Use physical barriers in areas where they would find access to your home. Remember to leave a significant distance between soil and your wooden structures.

2.      Keep your home moisture-free

Moisture attracts termites, so if you want to stay termites-free, ensure that your house has no humidity. Clear away any water sources and fix leaks to discourage termites. Ensure that air conditioning units, taps, and faucets remain dry.

3.      Engage a professional termite control expert

Professional termite control experts are helpful not only in extermination but also in termite prevention. Engage such individuals to help you adopt better termites’ preventive and control measures. Experts in termite control have the necessary skills to detect termites’ entry points and adopt the right steps to termite-proof your house.


Termites are highly destructive pests. It is advisable to learn how to detect, control, and prevent these creatures from invading your house. Given that some of the pest control methods can be complicated, it is always necessary to engage the right professional in this sector. A termite control expert will know what methods to use to prevent or control these creatures before they cause much damage in your house.

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