Black widows are one of the most dangerous pest species that you can have in your home. As such, it’s important to know what causes black widow infestations and how you can prevent them.

Access to the home

Like any other pest that enters the home, black widows will need some way to get in. Usually this means that they will use anything from poorly fitting doors, to loose vents and cracks in the foundation to get inside. While it may be impossible to seal every single opening that is large enough for a spider on the exterior of the home, sealing as many of these as possible will lower the odds of an infestation.

Food sources

Black widows will often find their way indoors when they are on the lookout for food. This means that if you have a black widow infestation, there is likely some other insect in the home, and oftentimes, when a spider infestation is detected there is a secondary insect infestation in the home as well.


Black widows are reclusive insects that would rather stay hidden in dark corners than be out and about where predators can reach them. This is why they are so drawn to clutter. Unused rooms, or rooms that have a lot of items in them will be naturally attractive to black widows. Clutter is also one of the main reasons that bites occur. Black widows will only bite in self-defense, preferring to run away rather than risk being squashed, so if you have a lot of clutter, and you rummage through it, then you might push the widow in a corner and it will bite you.

The same principle applies to outdoor clutter such as heavy shrubbery, debris and compost piles. The widows will be drawn to these spaces, and not only will they pose a threat to you and your pets when you are out in the backyard, they will also have an easier time of traveling indoors, especially when the temperatures start to drop.


By removing these issues from your property, you can lower the odds of a black widow infestation in the home, and with the help of a pro, you can have any existing black widow infestation removed. A pro will also be able to use certain long-lasting insecticidal products to prevent future infestations as well.

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