If mice enter the home, there will come a point where you have to deal with their dead bodies. Whether that mouse died of natural causes, in a trap or from being poisoned, you will have to find it and safely remove it from the home, otherwise it will become a huge health hazard. Here is our short guide on how to deal with these dead house mice.

Using poison against mice

The main advantage of using traps against a mouse infestation is that the traps will keep the dead bodies in place. However, if you are dealing with a large infestation, traps just cannot get the job done, so you will have to go with poisons. Poisons will make quick work of all the mice in the home, with the one downside that you cannot know where the mice will die. Some will die out in the open, or somewhere behind furniture, while others will die inside the walls in their nests, or who knows where else. This will make it difficult to find the dead mice, but if you work with a professional, the cleanup process may be included in the service package.

What to do with a dead mouse

Dead mice have to be removed as soon as possible, before they start decomposing because they can spread a lot of dangerous pathogens. To remove them, you will need some form of protective gears – plastic gloves at the very least. However, if you come across a dead mouse in your home, odds are that there are a lot more alive mice in a nest nearby and you should get in touch with a pro.

Calling over a pro

If you have a house mouse infestation, a pro can help you get it under control, and as mentioned previously, pros may offer cleanup services after the control process to make sure that no dead mice are left in the home. Make sure that you discuss this with the companies that you contact so you know ahead of time what to expect after the control process is complete. If it turns out that you have a large infestation and that poisons will have to be used, you may have a huge mess on your hands after the procedure. For more information about mouse infestations and how they are removed, or if you have an infestation in your home, contact us today.

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