It’s well known that mice are brazen enough to enter our homes, but they are quite smart about identifying areas of the house where their odds of survival are increased. If you are dealing with an infestation, knowing where mice are set up will allow you to place your traps and poisons more effectively. Here are some areas of the home where mice are likely to build their nests.


Attics are great for mice. They’re dark, cluttered, and warm. In the attic, mice are able to set up nests near insulation, and use the insulation itself for nesting materials. There is also the added benefit of being inside a wall void, and using it to travel around the home undetected.

Wall voids

Wall voids are just as good for mice as the attic. Besides being able to travel through the home undetected, the wall void also offers a lot of protection for a nest, and the mice can set up in any wall void of the home, not just the ones near the attic. For example, some mice will set up in wall voids right next to the pantries, which allows them to safely grow their numbers with a minimal chance of being detected. In this situation, the only way the mice are detected is either when their numbers are large enough and they start walking out in the open during the day, or when the mice make a lot of noise at night.

Inside drawers

Drawers that are unused, or used infrequently are also great for mice, especially if the drawers are in the kitchen. As scary as it sounds, mice will choose this location to set up a nest. Similarly, mice can set up nests inside boxes in storage areas.

Other areas

Sometimes, due to the design of your home, mice will find a better location than the ones listed above. This location will be secluded, dark, and out of the way.

What to do in case of an infestation?

If you suspect you have an infestation, you can start setting up traps to see if you catch anything. However, if the mice are well hidden, and close to a feeding location, you will need the help of a pro to get rid of them. This is where we come in. Contact us today if you have mice in the home and you need help to remove them.

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